September 30, 2010

just an ordinary day part two

Stephanie Nielson writer of nieniedialogues & nieandyou, came and spoke at BYU tonight (refer to below post).
her lecture was amazing. FIRST the room was packed. absolutely packed. people were sitting everywhere and there were about 100-200 people standing. i was lucky i got a seat.
she spoke all about true beauty and what it means to be beautiful.
here are some words of inspiration from her:
"we can only feel as beautiful as we are on the inside."
"cherish and love your esteemed state, in His sight."
"it is our spirit that makes us beautiful."
simple. tender. beautiful words that we could all learn from.
she taught me a lesson since i've been feeling down on my figure and appearance lately: people should care more about how you act and what you are truly like on the inside, than how you look on the outside.
another lesson: be so grateful for everything you have. in one minute your whole world can change. Here is a girl whose body was 84% burned in a plane crash. and here she is, still beautiful and so positive. some people would feel like their life is over- but she still makes dinner and gives her children baths and throws parties and holds hands with her husband. happy and positive. inspiring.
what do you love about yourself?

on less interesting notes:
today was... ordinary.
on campus today there was a lamborghini, an audi r8, and a ferrari.
oh brigham sqaure... a place of gathering, walking, and sports cars?
i don't know why they were there and i don't care.
you could sit in them and touch them and look at their engines and smell them and hug them.
i know. i'm a girl.
i like cars. not intentionally. it's a serious curse that i wish i didn't have.
don't get me started.

then, as i was walking home, the ferrari drove right past me. and i know that's not a big deal. when i went to palo alto this past april ferraris and ritzy glitzy sports cars were more common than a ford taurus. but who drives a ferrari down 700 east in provo utah? no one.
it had the loudest engine i have EVER heard. i could hear it all the way down the street when i couldn't even see it anymore. woah baby.

on a girlier note:
tonight for dinner i made my favorite fall meal:
Ham & Cheese Sandwiches with Maple Mustard and Tart Apple
and Creamy Tomato Soup
adapted from PrudencePennywise.
i didn't actually have time to make the soup but i promise i will soon.
this is the best for a crisp fall day when you just want to snuggle up and be cozy and warm.

(i made six sandwiches. two for me and 4 for christian. this recipe will serve about 4 NORMAL people easily)
12 slices sourdough bread
2 slices deli ham per sandwich
12 slices cheddar cheese
12 slices honeycrisp apples
1-2 tbsp. yellow mustard
1-2 tbsp. pure maple syrup
combine maple syrup and mustard in small separate bowl.
spread mixture onto both slices of bread per sandwich. layer a slice of cheese, 2 slices of ham, and a slice of apple onto sandwich. (repeat for each sandwich) Spread butter on each side of sandwich.
Place on grill pan on medium heat and cook on each side for 2-4 minutes or until cheese is melted.

3 Tbsp butter
2 cups chopped onion ( I usually just use one onion)
3 garlic cloves peeled and put through garlic press
3 Tbsp flour
2 cups chicken broth
2 28 oz cans whole or diced tomatoes ( I like to use the ones with basil added)
1 pinch cayenne
1/2 to 1 cup light cream
Melt butter over medium heat in large soup pot. Add onion and cook five minutes. Add garlic and cook another minute. Add flour and cook, stirring constantly for one minute. Stirring constantly with a whisk add chicken broth. Slowly add the tomatoes and juices. At this point (before the soup gets too hot) I use my immersion blender and blend it all together. Bring the soup to a boil and reduce heat and simmer for twenty minutes. Add cayenne and salt and pepper to taste. Add cream and heat.
Make sure that you do not boil the soup after you add the cream. Also, Erin does not blend this soup. i like the consistency of it when it is blended. Also, it is helpful when you go to make the soup that you have the flour measured out and in a little bowl waiting to be added to the butter. Having the chicken broth measured out helps as well. When you add the flour to the butter, that is called making a roux. It goes fast and can burn quickly, so having the ingredients ready helps.
Erin (prudence pennywise), also suggests adding some fresh basil or a splash of balsamic vinegar. I have done the basil but never the vinegar.

this recipe is adapted from prudence pennywise by my mom. skinny lynney is an expert on this soup. seriously. delicious.

this meal will warm your soul.
enjoy :)

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