September 22, 2010

midnight chocolate chips

decided to make some chocolate chip cookies...
simply because of the way they make any house smell.
it's one of my favorites.
just like: fall leaves in fairport, pine trees, raspberry tea, christian's cologne, & freshly-laundered pillow cases.
it's midnight here and i am so looking forward going to bed with the smell of cookies and my best friend.

the dinner i made tonight was AMAZING. I made Parmesan Ranch Baked Chicken. (adapted from iheartnaptime.)
The chicken was delicious and i served it over brown rice. I was so pleased with the rice; last time i used my rice cooker i didn't put enough water in and my rice was crunchy. really really REALLY crunchy. but it turned out so yummy this time.
trick for the future: soak your rice in the desired amount of water for 15 minutes before preparing. your rice will be so much softer and moist.
i put some italian seasoning (weird combo right?) and salt and pepper to taste in the rice and it was delicious.
i'm telling you- this chicken was SO EASY to make- and one of my favorite meals so far. you have to try it.
for the recipe click here: iheartnaptime

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