September 27, 2010

dancing in the moonlight

things are finally realllyyy starting to come together.
this weekend was great. i felt back to normal socially- finally!

on friday we went up to sundance with some friends and rode the chairlift under the full moon.
the night was so fun and even though we had to wait a while to get on the lift it was so fun getting to know our friends and spend some quality bonding time together.

after a late night it was tough to wake up early saturday morning to drive up to lehi. but it was so worth it! julia had a soccer game and we got to see her score 3 goals!
it was probably one of the funniest things i have ever seen. chin called it "midget ball," and it was exactly that. for 40 minutes two groups of little 4 year old babies ran up and down the field (or standing on the field) kicking, pushing, and in Julia's case: dancing. But my little niece was GREAT and it was so fun to watch her (crazy, mildly uncoordinated, dysfunctional) team run around after a ball and kick it into the wrong goal multiple times. oh how i love it.

juju's loyal fan luke told me that he prefers baseball over soccer. he must take after his dad.
i love him.
the little all-star after the game a little tired after kicking butt! good job juje.
after the game we went to kneaders and had french toast with Luke, Julia, Les, and Mike. It was delish and we headed home after and preceded to take a two hour nap. yes.
chin and my brother in law jordan went to the football game together while i stayed home and cleaned the house, ran some errands, and watched the relief society broadcast. :)
saturday night we went to
have we talked about jdawgs before? i'm not sure. maybe. but i'm going to mention it again.
let me tell you:
i don't like hot dogs. not one bit. i think they are disgusting.
BUT- i love jdawgs.
jdawgs was opened in a little tiny shack on 700 east by a student at byu about 10 years ago. his business took off and for years people were lined down the street waiting for his yummy dawgs.
he now has a bigger store right next to his old shack and business is booming.
because his food is delicious.
the only 3 things on the menu?
a jdawg: polish or beef (obviously polish is the best)
a drink
yep that's it. but they are delicious! They put a "special sauce" on their huge hot dogs and wrap it in a yummy bun and aluminum foil. you can put sauerkraut and/or banana peppers (i personally think both options are disgusting) on your jdawg and then the classics: ketchup and mustard.
it is the best place ever. i regularly crave them. about weekly.
and it's super cheap and we can walk there in about ummm a minute.
love it.

this is what the shack used to look like and these are actual dawgs- oh yes
this is a really long post. sorry.
so we went to jdawgs on saturday night with devin and robli and then watched the davinci code.
on sunday i made a bombbb dinner (at least i liked it).
I made your typical sunday feast:
A Mushroom and Onion Chuck Roast
Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes
Rolls (the one bad part of the meal. they didn't rise and turned into tan rocks. yuck.)
& a nice little salad.
i made peanut butter blossoms with icecream for dessert.
we had devin, robli, kevin, and sarah over for dinner and games and it was great.
our weekend was simple. and wonderful.

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