October 20, 2010

24 hours in a day

as october has progressed, we have been more and more busy...
last week- there were midterms.
my schedule for this week consists of:
clean the house, make food, have people over, clean up, sleep, do homework, take tests, clean, make food, clean, have people over, clean up, do home work, do a project, do more homework, have people over, go out with people, plan a party, clean the house, have family over, clean up, try to get some sleep.
my friend maureen asked how i have time for school, cooking, baking, sleeping, homework, planning a party, and a social life.
i don't! 
because the truth is there are only 24 hours a day.
i recently realized that.
christian and i are not perfect. our relationship is far from perfect.
but i'm grateful for the little moments when i remember how lucky i am.
i am oh so lucky.

chin and i have been so busy, and it's time we slow down, take a breather, and realize that we can only do so much.
everything gets done eventually... :)

including the rest of the hand-made apothecary jars!
here is the final project all ready for halloween, and our party!

what moments make you feel lucky?

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