October 15, 2010

DIY: homemade apothecary jars

 these were so fun to make!
and probably the easiest diy in the whole world.
i. love. apothecary jars.
we had a candy table at our wedding FILLED with apothecary jars with cute ribbons and candy and goodies!
i want to have some apothecary jars for our upcoming halloween party to fill with halloween goodies!
butttt whyyyy are they so dang expensive?
maybe it's just because i'm on a college student budget but i really don't want to pay 20 dollars for a jar. no thanks.
i told my mom that, and she gave me the great idea to DO IT MYSELF.
who knew.
so i went to DI and bought the vases and candle sticks.

here are the instructions...

cost: $7.00 (for 2 jars)
what you'll need:
1 bottle of python or gorilla or epoxy glue
2 glass vases (1.50 per vases at DI, 3.50 at Family Dollar)
2 candlestick holders (25 cents at DI. the taller and sturdier the better!)
festive candy- candy corn, autumn mix, pumpkin spice hershey kisses, pumpkin taffy, etc...
one spool of halloween ribbon

Step 1: clean your vases and candlestick holders and dry them

step 2: put candlestick holder on a flat surface. put a thin layer of glue around the top of the holder (a thick layer will make the glue run)

step 3: put vase on top of candlestick holder. press down for about a minute. Let dry for a few hours so it sets. (avoid moving the jars for about 24 hours)

Step 4: Pour your candy into the jars, tie your ribbon into a bow... and voila!

enjoy :)


Maureen said...

very cute, love :)

Amber said...

Your Mom made me some this weekend. I love them! Nice work, Hayley!