October 17, 2010

weekend warriors

this weekend. was insane.
we did so many things!
on friday night we drove up to park city and met maren and jordan up there for dinner at Red Banjo Pizza Parlour (love the name).
M&J rented a condo in PC for a couple nights and after dinner we headed back there and used their hot tub.
i absolutely love park city. it might be my favorite place in utah.
their condo was AMAZING! it goes for $600 a night during prime ski season but since it's october- they got a sweet deal. jealousss!

mares and jojo

their sweet bedroom

my husband is really cute. he lets me dress him, he drives me to park city, he kisses me whenever i want, and he is the nicest guy ever. 

and he lets me sit on him. sweet deal i think.

saturday afternoon my friend jackie crozier came and stopped by at our apartment! she goes to byu idaho and she used to live back home in new york but moved to california so i don't even get to see her on breaks... bummer. it was so good to see her- what a baby sweetie!

on saturday night chin & i, brandon & jen, and cait & billy carved pumpkins together. jen made veryyy festive "muddy worm and dirt cups," and we had a great time. our pumpkins all turned out great!

graveyard creation made by the pingrees

jen and brandon- the artists of the group had a whole book of pumpkin patterns. pretttty intense.

the newest newlyweds cait and billy. cute! 

our very big pumpkin that we are very proud of. :)

tonight we went up to Nana & Papa's house to celebrate Alex's (chin's brother) birthday! his birthday is tomorrow and nothing says happy birthday like sunday dinner at Nana & Papa's. i am currently stuffed.

what did you do this weekend?

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