October 7, 2010

younger years

last night chin told me i'm turning 20 soon (in four months but nonetheless, soon)...
it scared me!
i've been a teenager for quite some time now and i'm not sure i'm ready to give it up.
i'm not big on change. i guess i never hopped on the "change we can believe in" and "yes we can" bandwagon.

there are some things i wish could just stay the same forever:
my age- less responsibility, more play, and always learning
being a newlywed
having my mom on call to give advice and help me out
being healthy and in good (well okay...) shape
staying up late and sleeping in even later
sitting on christian's lap whenever i want to
dinner with just the two of us
being the young, hip aunt
loving when your parents come to town because you don't have to pay
dragging a stuffed animal giraffe wherever you go
being in college
dance parties (big ones and just me and chin in the living room)
j. crew catalogues and being young enough to wear their clothes
holding hands and taking walks
having enough time to just relax on the couch

maybe some of these things won't change. i pray none of them do
but as we get older things keep changing...
and just try to think it will be for the better.

-Sophia Loren

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