November 29, 2010


christmas chaos has erupted at the Pingree residence!
saturday night after we arrived back in provo, i was antsy to start decorating for christmas.
so chin took me to get our very first christmas tree!
he promised me that someday when he makes a lot of money that he will let me buy a real tree.
but as of right now, we're faking it.
chin and i turned up the christmas music,
made hot chocolate,
decorated our little hearts out,
watched elf,
and set up the christmas tree.
we had a blast and i could not be happier that it is christmas time.
(besides finals and trying to survive the next two weeks of my life as a college student)

here is a little tablescape i put together this weekend.
my mom made the table runner, napkin rings, and napkins.
everything else i just put together with what we had.
what do you think?

here is our tree, i know, it's white.
it's a little trendy and i was worried when we first bought it that it didn't fit my traditional tastes.
but after we decorated the tree and put it all together i found that i love it!
i love the stark contrast of white against the ornaments and the bright and cheery glow it brings to our living room.


Hayley Jo Reese said...

Hayley you are the cutest!! I love all of it!!

Amber said...

Cute decorations, Hayley! I love the table scape.