November 27, 2010

home part 2

chin and i are back in provo.
our flight was long but painless,
and we are now back in our apartment,
freezing our bums off!
my plant died while i was gone. shoot.

but, here's what else happened when we were back home in rochester:
thanksgiving was wonderful.
we ate amazing food, had a great tablescape, and made 11 pies (there were only 10 people whattttt?!).
the rest of the weekend
we relaxed
went to dinner at dinosaur bbq
went to the george eastman house,
saw my wonderful friend maureen
and loved being with the fam.
i'm sad to be back but am also excited to let the christmas festivities begin!

hope your thanksgiving weekend was wonderful.

the pingrees

1 comment:

Amber said...

It would not be a Dickens family Thanksgiving without that kind of pie to people ratio. :) We sure did miss you guys, wish we could have been there! I'm glad you had a nice time!