November 4, 2010

genetically stereotypical

last night
chin and i had a funny discussion about men and women.
they are so different.
as if you didn't know that.

well... last night for a relief society activity we had a "girl's night out" themed get-together, and Zupas catered the party. 
if you're not from Utah or have never been to Utah/ Zupas, Zupas is a cafe that makes gourmet sandwiches, soups, and desserts.
when i got home, chin asked how my night was.
i told him the truth: it was great! we chatted, laughed, played some games, had a sandwich and a small bowl of soup and called it a party.

he just kind of laughed and said:
"you do know if Zupas had catered a Men's party, it would have been eat as MUCH as you can, and talk about sports and maybe the elections this week."

i guess i hadn't thought of that. Zupas, the girly cafe, would not have sufficed for the appetite of young married (or old married, or single) men. 
we are so different! i already knew it, but i had never fully realized how different men and women are...

but somehow, men and women go together like clock work and balance out the powerful testosterone of men and the sensitive daintiness of women.
and i couldn't be happier that i found my loving, kind, fun, athletic, and handsome opposite.

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