November 2, 2010

this week & fall treats #9: gingersnap s'mores

so far this week...
1. chin and i hiked the Y for family night on monday. 
we made it up for sunset and had such a nice time hiking and being outdoors.

 2. i made Gingersnap S'mores by of course: pickypalate.
they were so easy and delicioussssss!
i don't really like gingersnaps plain but these were great. it would be so fun to put some fall or holiday sprinkles on them (i forgot to put my fall sprinkles on!)
find the recipe: HERE.

3. i put together a fun little fall tablescape for our dinner table. burlap, garland, a table runner, candles, and pumpkins. voilaaaa!

Coming up this week...
1. we have about a million leftover apples from our halloween party so i am going to make chin's favorite: apple crisp. yum yum yum yum yum yum yum! one of my faves too.

2. i'm going to make an Acorn Wreath from Dana-Made-It's tutorial. seriously adorable.

3. chin and i are going on a temple date thursday night! which means: make mom's famous chili in the crockpot to eat it when we get home. i love crockpot dinners :) we haven't been to the temple since september and i am very excited!
provo temple, August 2008


emilia. said...

YUM the smores look amazing. and what a fun weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

when I come out we can make burlap table runners

Grace said...

hey hayley!! i stumbled on your blog on facebook...congrats on getting married!! your blog is the cutest. thanks for posting these adorable crafts and recipes! They are so fun! I think I might try some... :)