November 22, 2010

windgardium leviweekend

this weekend was crazy.
we had so much going on i couldn't even think straight!
it started thursday night at the midnight showing of harry potter,
we had a blast!
not only did we have fun with our friends, LOVE the movie, and enjoy staying up super late,
we also had a blast dressing up... we were supposed to be luna and neville just for funsies.

friday we headed up to salt lake to attend a wedding dinner for our friends Nick and Kyla Jackson. The dinner was wonderful and the wedding saturday morning was beautiful.

Saturday and Sunday we took care of our niece and nephew Luke and Julia.

these pictures are from our wedding- precious!
they are so cute and so fun, but MAN ALIVE we had our hands full.
it was my first time watching kids over night.
it was tough, but it taught me a lot about parenting.
it also told me that i have a lot of growing up to do before we even think about having children.
luckily kids aren't in our near future. someday though.

needless to say, i am exhausted.
also, i needed to take a book out in the library and they were all checked out.
i lost my phone.
and when i went to my humanities professor's office to ask if she had seen it,
we got on the topic of thanksgiving and i blurted out that i wouldn't be in class tomorrow.
she was not pleased.
i have no sleep, no book, no phone, and no teacher's pet award.
happy monday.

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Teenage Bride said...

oh my thso kids are darling!

You look adorable lol