November 23, 2010

an adventure

i love to fly.
i especially love to fly with christian.
we always have so much fun exploring the airport and playing games
and falling asleep on his shoulder
and holding hands when the turbulence scares me.
today we are off to Rochester, NY. 
i cannot wait to see my family, and to embrace the breathtaking landscapes of upstate new york in fall.
i haven't been home since august, and there is nothing like upstate.

a couple years ago i was diagnosed with a serious disease.
it has seriously affected me when i travel and has been a large burden during the holidays.
it's something that i'm not sure i will ever be able to recover from.
the disease is called OPD: OVER PACKING DISORDER.
it is a serious plague!
it doesn't matter where i am going or for how long, i always pack way too much.
it's a bad habit.
i almost cried when christian told me i could only take one suitcase to denver for christmas (i need one suitcase for each week obviously!).
we are going to be in rochester for four days... and this is what i packed:
i was actually really proud of myself for limiting my packing options.
and my suitcase will not weigh more than 50 pounds, so this is a big deal!

stay tuned this week for adventures at the Dickens Residence :)


Teenage Bride said...

looks like I just missed you haha.

I too suffer from OPD lol.

Your husband sounds a lot like mine, he is so goo d at calming down during a flight.

Have a great time!!!!

Sara said...

I hope you have a wonderful time at home! I guess the internet just got a little smaller because I am reading your blog from Rochester :-) My husband (new word for us!) is a resident at Strong and we love it here. Looking over your pic your luggage looks just fine. It can be 50's and sunny one day (today) and snow the next (thursday)