December 12, 2010

365 days

this weekend chin and i celebrated another special date.
it was the "anniversary" of our very first date one year ago saturday night!
i'm not going to go into details of our very first date because let's not dwell in the past and i already told a verrrryyyy long story a couple days ago. 

so on saturday night, after an extremely busy day, we headed to dinner at the India Palace on center street in provo. Chin and i have a new-found love for indian food and although that's not where we dined last year, it was delicious, cozy, and extremely authentic.

after dinner we headed up to salt lake to see the christmas lights at Temple Square. The lights are one of my favorite things to do during christmas time and it was just as special (if not more) going with chin this year as it was last. 

can you say amazing? photo cred to chin ( i was too short to get the reflection!)

so grateful for beautiful sights at christmas time.

after walking around Temple Square we headed to Hatch Family Chocolates up on E street in salt lake (really close to temple square). Chin took me here last year on our first date... and it CHANGED MY LIFE.
this is the absolute best hot chocolate i have ever had in my entire life.
it is honestly perfect.
not only do they have a choice of milk or dark chocolate, but they make it right in front of you... the ingredients? chocolate. and cream. yep. that's it.

i can't finish the whole thing it is so rich. 
if you are remotely close to salt lake (300 miles or closer... trust me) GO to hatch family chocolates.
to die for.

yum yum yum yum yum

when we got home we got comfy and watched a movie (an addition from last year). my mom got me new pjs for christmas (our wedding colors!) and they are the best.
i love classic pajamas like that.
thanks mom!

last night was wonderful.
it was another "best date that i have ever been on" with chin.
every date we go on is the best date of my life.
i would have never guessed what our date last year would have led to!

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