December 13, 2010

sweet little things

sunday night, i had the privilege of throwing a little get together for my favorite girls in the whole world.
my darling girl friends from freshman came over and we had a great night catching up, eating dessert, and celebrating all the great things going on in our lives.
three of the girls are studying abroad in jerusalem and london next semester, and it was great to see them one last time before they leave!

the dessert line up:
milk chocolate mint truffles
peppermint shortbread cookies (by lesliann)
dark chocolate caramels topped with sea salt
deep dark chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting topped with dark chocolate shavings

sweet treats, sweet girls.

kirsten and i. i look awful! i didn't have much time to get myself ready...

beautiful girls! jane, jess, kaitlinzoe, and ashley

the whole group (missing very sick eliza). it was so great getting together with friends.

"Cause to me throughout eternity there is somewhere we are welcome to go
I said it's something free that means a lot to me, when I'm with my friends I feel home"

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