December 16, 2010

bragging rights

well. i usually get annoyed with girls who brag non-stop about how amazing their husband is. every man deserves some credit and i have no problem publicly complimenting christian on a fairly regular basis, but i think every woman should be capable of speaking about other things besides her man.
but recently, i can't stop thinking about how COOL chin is.
so this post may or may not contain some bragging about my rad husband. 
you've been warned.

why chin is pretty freakin' awesome:
1. he's been known to drive around in little red sports cars. his anesthesiologist friend lets christian drive his ferrari around from time to time.
2. he's played basketball with the Birdman. yeah you know the NBA player Chris Anderson? chin's balled with him. 
3. christian lived in siberia for two whole years on his mission. -50 degree temperatures, drunk russians, frozen eyelashes and nose hairs, streets that look like ice skating rinks. he's been there done that.
4. he works out at the same gym as john elway. greenwood athletic club is where it's at.
5. Christian played on the BYU basketball team. he pulls off the baller look effortlessly because, well, he is one.
6. not only is he a baller, but he is a stone cold fox, and BRILLIANT to top it off. he's at byu with a scholarship, a microbiology major, and preparing to apply to medical school. he's got a big future.
7. he's the nicest, sweetest, most humble, adorable gentle giant you will ever meet. don't let his height scare you. he's just a big teddy bear.

(yes that would be chin in the driver's seat)

okay well that's enough from me.
in case you didn't know, i think my husband is great.
not that you could tell, right?


Amber said...

I don't know Christian all that well, but I think he is pretty great too. He scored big-time points from his pregnant sister-in-law (that would be me) when he told me how pretty I looked, when pretty was the last thing I felt.

Anonymous said...

this is so precious! and it makes me very jealous haha i wanna ball with NBA stars too!