December 17, 2010

les madeleines

today christian and i left for denver to spend two whole weeks with his family for Christmas break.
But before we left, we made a stop at Les Madeleines Cafe in Salt Lake City.
for months i have been searching for a french cafe in utah that sells French Macarons. 
because first, i have never tried them, and second, what is classier than munching on colorful, chewy, sweet macarons?
not the yucky, american, coconut macaroons, but the intriguing french macarons that melt in your mouth and are chewy and crunchy all at the same time.

anyways. i finally found Les Madeleines Cafe downtown that sells macarons.
so chin promised me he would take me there today.
he lived up to his promise, and macarons lived up to my expectations.

cute cute CUTE packaging. i loved it.

chocolate and classic shortbread. i actually wasn't a fan of the chocolate shortbread. it was extremely bitter it almost hurt to eat it.

the delicious "button" macarons. i couldn't decide what to get so i got a couple of each! the pink one is peppermint, the green are pistachio, the cream colored is passionfruit, and the grey one is sesame (surprisingly delicious).

i am obsessed.
the next step? trying to make them on my own.
results coming soon.

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