December 29, 2010

reflections on 2010

as 2010 comes to a close, i've had some time to reflect on all that has happened this year.
my life has changed in so many ways, and i have continued to progress and learn.
although i feel so young and immature in many ways,
i really feel like i have learned a lot about life, love, friendship, and myself.
so here's to 2010: a year of change.
i'm happy that i've been able to share the ups and downs with the people who stumble upon our blog.
and i'm excited to share our 2011 with you. 
this will be my last post of 2010 (it's long enough to last through all of 2011), and i hope you enjoy the pictures that sum up my life (chronologically) of the past year.
May this new year bring you happiness and joy.

january 2010- park city for jane's birthday

january 2010- "nerd" dance

january 2010- our very first picture together!

 february 2010- byu volleyball game with my girls

 march 2010- just some love with kir

march 2010- march madness

 march 2010- somehow freshman partying turned into wedding dress shopping?

 april 2010- hiking the y

april 2010- almosssstttt engaged.

 thank you chin for proposing to me on a day where i hadn't showered, washed my hair, put on makeup, or bothered to dress cute. ;)

 april 2010- last nights with the fam

 april 2010- last fam night

san francisco lovin

 liza and i

 april 2010- california girls trip

april 2010- my first trip to sprinkles and california

 april 2010- super taqueria

 april 2010- engagement pictures!

 april 2010

 april 2010

may 2010- relandscaping my parents' yard for our wedding

 may 2010- my dad and me. my parents and i planted over 300 plants, shrubs, and trees to relandscape the yard.

 june 2010- trip to lexington kentucky to visit my brother and sister in law and their son greggy

 kentucky racetracks- june 2010

june 2010- jane came to visit me!

 june 2010- my fourth dave matthews band concert

 june 2010- chin and i flew out to utah to attend Devin and Robli's wedding where chin was the best man.

 june 2010

 july 2010- chin and the pings came to be in the Hill Cumorah Pageant

 july 2010- reunited at last!

 july 2010- HCP

 my dear friend Elder Justin Mathews. he's serving a mission in Barcelona, Spain. until 2012 my friend!

 july 2010- HCP

 july 2010- chin and i walking out of the Palmyra Temple after i went through it for the first time.

 july 2010- the last night of HCP- almost sisters!


 july 2010- my amazing bachelorette party and my last night being single!

july 2010- bridal pictures

 July 31, 2010- the best day of my year, when chin and i were sealed as husband and wife for Time and All Eternity

 July 31 2010- our wedding reception

 our first dance- July 2010

August 2010- our honeymoon to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands (i miss being tan)!

August 2010- our reception at the Inverness Hotel in Denver, CO 

October 2010- decorating pumpkins!

 halloween 2010- jane and tarzan hosting our family halloween party

november 2010- thanksgiving in Rochester

December 2010- lights at Temple Square

 december 2010- girls night out with all my girlfwends

 december 2010- chin and me, married for 5 months (on new years eve!) and still madly in love. :)

happy new year friends!

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Anonymous said...

this is incredible. i love you so much hay! i'm so glad i get to be a part of your fairy tale