January 24, 2011

lukey turned three

this weekend my nephew luke turned 3!
i cannot believe he is that old already.
for his birthday the family made a trip to 
Chuck E. Cheese.
talk about feeling like a kid again.
actually i had ever been there before this weekend.
but it was so fun!
there were all these little itty bitty games for them to play and 
we had pizza and this amazing cake that my sister Lesliann made.

is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen?
lukey loved it.

 he's threeeee!

 julia ate four pieces of pizza. wild woman.

 THE Chuck E. Cheese himself came to visit.
luke could not have been more excited.
it was such a fun outing... happy birthday my little buddy!

P.S. Since I never went over all the little details of our wedding, i was going to dedicate this next week (starting tomorrow) as Wedding Week where I would talk about and show pictures of our wedding.
how does that sound?
let me know! :)


Anonymous said...

Recently engaged and would love some inspiration !!! Cant wait :)

Anonymous said...

just wanted to leave a comment and let you know I'm loyal reader of your wonderful little blog - and to keep up the good work! I graduated from the same high school that you did, and I feel so creepy that I read this but never say anything! I have no idea how I stumbled across your blog, but I am happy I did!

some of my favorite blogs are www.stylemepretty.com
and www.paloma81.blogspot.com

someday I hope to join the blog world as a blogger and not just a reader, and you definitely are a big inspiration!

Emma said...

Not gonna lie, I have become obsessed with weddings! Now if only my boy would pop the question....

Meagan said...

YES to Wedding Week!
I first started reading your blog because I am a fellow college student + friend of one of your pals at BYU and she posted your blog on her facebook when you first started...no literally I've been reading since day one. At first I was intrigued because you were getting married so young, but now I am completely enamored with your cute little blog and married life. Congrats on being dedicated enough to your marriage and faith to make it successful :)

The Pingrees said...

I can't believe you have followed us for so long! our blog has really evolved into from a novice blogging experience to something that i LOVE to do! thanks so much for sharing our memories with us from day one! all of you are so sweet! :)