January 22, 2011

valentine's day DIY: burlap heart flags

I absolutely love these adorable bunting flags.
i found the idea from some blog (haha it's so sad to say that but i honestly cannot remember!)
but these are easy to make and fun.
also, not too expensive. 
i had lots of extra burlap lying around (randommm) and all i had to buy was some twine, felt, and clothespins.

Burlap Heart Flags
what you need:
burlap (enough to make at least 6-10 flags. i made 14)
red, pink, or white felt (2 sheets of red, one pink)
twine, string, or ribbon
heart cookie cutter or stencil (unless you are free-handing the hearts)
hot glue gun

what to do:
1. Trace desired amount of hearts onto felt and cut out.
2. Cut burlap into flags. 
3. Hot glue felt hearts onto center of burlap flags.
4. lay out string and clothespin flags in a row on the string.
5. hang up over a door way, on a mantle, or just on a wall!
i absolutely love these and think they add a rustic valentine's look. :)

1 comment:

andy & lo said...

thank you for my next valentine's day project :)
i too have tons of burlap. hahaha.
and i love pendant banners.
and the clothespins.
i die.