January 5, 2011

sleep to dream her

recently, i have gotten a lot of comments about this image that is on the back of my laptop:
the firedancer.

people have asked me if i'm a ballerina (ha have you seen me? is that really a question?), or they just give me a weird look and ask what the heeeeckkkk is on the back of my laptop.
so i thought i would clarify what exactly the weird girl on the back of my laptop is.

The Firedancer is an original artwork created by Dave Matthews. He was asked what he saw when he looked out into the crowd, and this is what he drew. He said that he thinks of everyone going crazy, dancing, and having a good time. 
and that's exactly what a dave matthews band concert is all about.
and what life is all about. having a good time.
the end.

also, i want these dmb inspired toms:

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