January 6, 2011

you and me

a little while ago someone messaged me on facebook asking about how married life was going.
she proceeded to tell me that she likes to read our blog because Christian and I are living in a "fairytale."
i was a little taken aback by what she said.
simply because...
yes. i love being married. it is the best decision i ever made.
and yes. we are deliriously happy.
but i would never ever EVER say that chin and i are living in a fairytale!
i feel like i do a pretty good job of showing on our blog that we are not perfect,
nor do we have a perfect relationship.
we are flawed. so is our marriage, relationship, and love.

i like to think of our marriage as the simple kind of marriage.
nothing about our marriage seems over the top or showy. and i don't want it to.
our marriage is the simple kind.
we have immense love for each other, and we show it every day.
but it's because chin does the dishes. or i fold the laundry.
we say thank you. and we pray together every day.
it's because we talk and laugh and sometimes are silly.
it's because we say i love you too much and hold hands on the couch.
it's because we do homework and we study together.
it's because we pinch our pennies together.
it's because we exercise together and ask "how was your day."
our love is not fancy. not all the time at least.

if this is a fairytale, then call me cinderella because i love it.

1 comment:

Krisssssssstie said...

bahh.. you ARE living a fairytale to me because all Pete and I want to do is get married and be together for eternity but there are so many stumbling blocks in our way! You're so lucky!