January 20, 2011


random thoughts:
1. thanks so much for all your thoughts yesterday. they were so nice and helpful!
2. this morning, i was making a protein shake, and i forgot to put the lid on. hello banana smoothie all over the kitchen. 

i'm not a big pet name person.
at least i like to say i'm not.
every once in a while a "sweetheart" or a "babe" slips out, but usually it's just hayl and chin.
or hayley and christian. it depends.

but recently Chin has started calling me sweetpea.
kind of cheesy but i actually love it.
it makes me feel so little!

ever since i was a toddler i have not been little. i've always been the "tallest one."
in elementary school, middle school, high school... i've always had to stand in the back for pictures.
i was almost always taller than my middle school crushes because let's face it,
boys don't grow past 5'5 until high school.

then there's christian.
he is a whole 9 inches taller than me, and weighs almost 90 pounds more than me.
and i always feel little.
he can wrap his big arms all the way around me and pick me up like it's no big deal.

maybe sweetpea is a little silly,
but i like being little.

chin and me, april 2010

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Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Well if my hubberz decides to go to BYU Law School I just might be moving to Provo! :) haha you can be my first Provo friend!