January 27, 2011

Wedding week day 3: The Couple

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recently the wedding fad has been to take couple pictures before the wedding day in order to  decrease stress and chaos on the actual wedding day. even though i think that's a great idea, chin and i wanted to keep things traditional by not having him see my wedding dress until our actual wedding day.
i mean really, what fun is it to have your husband see you for the first time as his wife, when he's already seen your dress? 
i just couldn't do it.

in all honesty, i am so glad that we chose to take pictures as a couple on our wedding day. Noel did such an amazing job keeping us relaxed, and we were so happy to be married that it didn't even matter. 
Plus, it was just me, chin, and noel at the temple taking pictures. there was no hustle or bustle. i got to take my shoes off and we had a lot of fun!
my advice: if you get stressed easily, taking pictures before your wedding together might be a good idea. but if you want to keep things classic and traditional, i would wait, but make sure you have a photographer that you trust and are comfortable with!

at the brunch

 sweet sweet bliss

 our ring ceremony

our first dance. 
we danced to Better Together by Jack Johnson. Our song is actually Angel by Jack Johnson, but it is not a very long song so we picked one of our favorites that actually ended up being perfect. i loved the overhead string of lightbulbs, it added such a summery and romantic feel to our dance. they were like fireflies!

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Emma said...

Wow, I love Chin's strut in the photo above the ring ceremony. Work it! What did you two do for your ring ceremony? Anything special?