January 29, 2011

Wedding week day 5: the guests & the cake

all photos are copyright of Pure and Pensif Photography.

our wedding ended up being relatively large, with guests from high school, sport affiliations, family friends, relatives, college friends, friends of my parents, church friends, and all manner of people!
even though our wedding consisted of several guests, i still felt as though it was intimate and quaint. I knew almost everyone in attendance and it was great to share our day with people who cared about us and were happy for us. 
we were stunned at all the people who came to support our new step in life, it was wonderful to have everyone there that i wanted to be there. 

my sister and brother-in-law at brunch

 the group of friends and family who came to the temple to see us married! we were so lucky to have so many wonderful people there.

 the guests before the ring ceremony

my nephew Greg and my brother's best friend who he was named after. Greg Jr. and Greg Sr.!

Some of our favorite Pingrees gathered at the table

the infamous bouquet catch!

The Cake: our cake was created by the girls at Gourmet Goodies in Victor, NY. They did an absolutely wonderful job. Not only was it fun to meet with them (we got a whole week of cake samples to try), but they listened to my ideas and helped me create the cake that i wanted to a T. 
I decided on a very plain and simple cake, simply because i wanted it to be elegant and tasteful. I steered away from flowers and intricate designs (looking back i may have wanted to do something a little bit more fancy).

our cake consisted of three layers with three different cake flavors.
the bottom layer that we cut into was a vanilla cake with raspberry and buttercream filling.
the second layer was a chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling (yum!).
The third layer was a carrot cake. carrot cake is my favorite, which is why we picked it to keep for ourselves!
we actually ate our top layer of our cake already. we knew it would be hard to transport it all the way across country, so we ate it on our one week anniversary after arriving back home in New York from our honeymoon.
one week, one year... what's the difference? ;)

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Caitlin (& Billy) said...

omg Hayley I LOVE YOUR CAKE! It's SO beautiful! I wish I would have tried harder to make mine pretty. I just told my cake lady basically do whatever because I was tired of wedding planning :)