January 31, 2011

Wedding week day 7: The Honeymoon

our honeymoon was absolutely amazing!
i loved being surprised as to where we were going.
Christian kept every little last detail a secret until we got to our hotel on our wedding night.
i had suspected that we were staying at the Hyatt in Downtown Rochester, but Christian surprised me by taking me to the Woodcliff Hotel in Fairport, my very favorite hotel ever.
we stayed at the Victorian Suite which was absolutely beautiful.

on sunday morning we had a nice brunch and then headed to the airport to journey to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. It was breathtaking! we had so much fun.

we went on a private sailboat tour around the islands and had an amazing time viewing all the different islands and being alone. :)

 we went on a lot of walks on the private beach that marriott owns. the beach was almost always deserted at night and we loved taking long walks and splashing in the water.

today we have been married for six months. can you believe it?
for those of us who have read our blog since our wedding or engagement, where has the time gone?! it's hard to believe that our wedding and honeymoon is actually OVER. at least we are still having adventures now that we are married. :)

thanks so much for joining us for wedding week, i hope you enjoyed looking at highlights of our wedding!

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Chantel and Jameson said...

Thanks for putting up your wedding week, it was fun to read!