February 3, 2011

anything from the trolley?

well, it's back to reality.
for the past few days i have been lounging and playing in the sunny and warm Orlando, Florida.
talk about a much needed break! while the rest of the country is suffering from extreme cold and snow, i was shopping and seeing sites in 75 degree weather.

my trip was wonderful! i met my sister Maren, and her husband Jordan, and my mom in orlando on Sunday night.
the reason we were there was because Jordan had a technology conference, so we all tagged along.
we had so much fun! we spent a day at Universal Studios and saw harry potter world!
seriously the coolest thing ever.
we went out to eat, shopped uncontrollably, and relaxed in the sun!
just what i needed (i have been dying to get away from provo).

dr. seuss world at Island of Adventure

the hogwarts express- seriously life-like

careful you don't get a vomit flavored :)

i can't even DESCRIBE to you how amazing butter beer is. they can either serve it to you cold, or slushie style. they pour it out and then pull a little lever where they put this nice layer of creamy froth on top.
not only does it look good, but it tastes amazing! mixtures of caramel, vanilla, cream soda, and butterscotch all in one.

you guys probably all think i am a harry potter freak. and i am. i love the books and i loved seeing them come to life. Harry Potter World is so realistic! they had every shop from the book imaginable, butter beer, a sweet ride through hogwarts, replica wands, the hogwarts express, zonko's joke shop, chocolate frogs, and all these little details that made it seem real.
it rocked.
okay that's enough from my nerdy side.

i feel so lucky that i got to escape for a couple days and spend time with my family in a fun and warm place.
it was a little hard being away from Chin.
this was the first time we had ever been away from each other and spent a night apart!
leaving him in cold and dreary provo, i felt like the biggest jerk ever. i wish he could have come.
we even had to celebrate our six month anniversary apart. :(
i am inhumane.
luckily he was so understanding and so excited that i got to go.
he is just the best (plus i brought him back some goodies from the outlet malls and HP world to compromise!).

p.s. my camera broke! my trusty sidekick that i have brought everywhere with me since my junior year in high school. what do i do? my little point and shoot is on his last leg.


Moe said...

Dr. Seuss world IS MY FAVORITE!!! I love love LOVED that part :)

Amber said...

Fun! I've been re-reading Harry Potter while I feed little Brighton so that I can remember what happens when I finally see the 7th movie.

Anonymous said...

So jealous...would {love} to go visit Harry Potter world!