February 17, 2011

giraffe manor

for those of you who might not know me on a personal basis, i have an avid love for giraffes.
for a long, long time i have loved their cute faces and awkward bodies, i and i love how gentle and fun they seem.
about four years ago, i received Jeffrey, my stuffed giraffe, as a birthday present. ever since  then, we has gone with me everywhere. on vacation, all over the world... name a place i've been- he's been there too.

now i feel REALLY dorky telling you guys this because i'm sure you're like okay how old are you?
and i admit it's a little kid-like, but Jeffrey's my best bud! he's been there through thick and thin, and he's my traveling partner. 
Jeffrey started a whole era of giraffism for me. i have collected and received numerous more giraffes, a book about giraffes, and someone even wrote me a song about Jeffrey and me. 

so when i heard about Giraffe Manor, i knew that someday i wanted to go visit there. as i've gotten older, Giraffe manor kind of slipped into the back of my mind and i honestly forgot about it.
until last night. 

 Giraffe Manor is situated in Nairobi, Kenya, outside the city. The manor was built in the 1930's and is now a haven for a herd of giraffes, and other wild and exotic animals. 
the giraffes have their own sleeping quarters, while the guests get to stay in the luxurious manor.

 the giraffes lounge around the outside of the manor, and stick their heads into the kitchen, dining room, and even the bedroom sometimes!
can you imagine anything more fun?

Chin promised he'll take me here someday. better start saving my pennies :)

i think when i go i'll wear something like this:
springy dresses, straw fedoras, and neutral colored strappy heels.
but by the time we get there, that won't be in style.

images found here and here.

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