February 18, 2011


tomorrow marks the start of my birthday weekend.
on monday the 21st, i turn 20.
the end of a decade, the end of my teenage era!
i am nostalgic at best.

is it bad that i am not even very excited for my birthday?
last year i felt as though i celebrated my birthday with the entire world.
and although i did have a wonderful tea party with my girlfriends,
they will all be out of town or with their families on monday.
my parents, who usually come to town for this weekend, are back in new york... far away.
and although we have fun things planned (going out to dinner a lot, and sleeping in),
i just feel a little sad.
what's wrong with me?! i am being such a mopey baby!
someone needs to slap me, cause i have it good and i know it.

i guess it's just that chin keeps asking what i want to do on saturday or monday or any day and i can't decide.
what should i do?

i want to be with family and friends. but for this weekend, that's not looking realistic.

i want to shop to my heart's content and eat macarons and cupcakes and brownies and fancy chocolate and milkshakes and icecream and french fries and hamburgers and mexican food and cheesecake and lemon bars and gyros and pitas and pasta and pizza and potato chips and wheat thins, but that would be dangerous to my almost-slim-again hips and our bank account.
what's a fickle girl to do?

image via my talented friend danny gruber

can you guys please help me?
give me suggestions of what to do to get me in the birthday spirit?!

besides my mopey-whineeeeeeneeeeessss (sorry i am so so so so sorry for being a baby! bear with me), what are you all doing this weekend? 
hope it's great and extra long!


Laura said...

Everybody has a little quarter-life crisis. Since you're feeling blue, maybe the best thing you can do is come up with something to check off your "list". Something you've always wanted to do. Try something new and it will be a great pick-me-up.

Happy Birthday you little whippersnapper. :)

Kristie said...

DO NOTHING! It's your birthday! So don't clean, don't do homework, don't cook, and pamper yourself! Take a bubble bath, paint your nails, sleep in late, listen to relaxing music, watch Disney movies!

Kylie said...

Day trips are always fun and can be pretty reasonable. Pick a spot that you have yet to visit in Utah that isn't too far away and explore the town--Pick a spot with cute shops and restaurants and turn a fun day into a romantic & celebration evening!

Anonymous said...

pack a crazy picnic and go an an adventure... it's freezing out but who cares! :)