February 11, 2011

an invitation

happy friday to you all!
anyone have any big plans?
my weekend consists of afternoon tea, grocery shopping, basketball games, and double dates with friends.

or are you going out with someone special this weekend?
because this is it people! Valentine's Day weekend!
Valentine's Day is only a mere three days away!

i received a question on formspring wondering what Chin and I are doing for Valentine's Day. 
since my birthday is exactly one week past valentine's day and we have some big plans for that, we decided to keep it cool on actual Valentine's Day by having a nice dinner in the comforts of our own home.
so when Chin came home from the gym last night,
there was this waiting for him on our door:

a little invitation to dine in with me on Valentine's Day. :)

not only will our evening be spent by candlelight, but we'll both be dressed to the nines and looking spiffy (at least he will be).

i decided to test my cooking skills by making one of Martha Stewart's Valentine's Day Dinner Menus.
here's what it consists of:
Appetizer: Artichoke-Parmesan Crostini
(i thought i would serve bread as well and possibly a salad).
The Main dish: Pepper-Crusted Filet Mignon
Sides: Creamed Spinach and Slow-Roasted Tomatoes
Dessert: Bittersweet Chocolate Mousse

what do you think?
i've been researching for a couple weeks on what to make and how to find a meal that was elegant and sophisticated but not stressful or time consuming.
even though i think this will be a big step for me in my cooking, i'm excited! i hope it turns out as well as it sounds.

i was thinking about adding place cards and pulling out as many stops as i can think of...
so now i'm asking you this:
what do you think of my idea?
what would you do differently or add to make this night special!
let's hear it people! i want your expertise advice! :)


Hanna said...

This is perfect ! I love that you're taking the lead and planned the whole night ! its 2011 who says it has to be all on the guy :)

Kylie said...

Thanks for the comment on Vitamuffins, i'm not lying when I say they're amazing!

Your dinner idea sounds delightful. My boyfriend and I often stay in and one of us cooks dinner and its just as great, if not better, than going out!

Go all out, make place cards :)