February 10, 2011

crafts with kirsten

1. sorry i've been slacking on the blog this week.
2. i feel like all my posts have been about crafts this week! bear with me!

last night i spent some quality time with Kirsten, and we made some valentine's crafts for her apartment.
while she was working on cake plates and bunting flags,
i worked on my very first infinity scarf!

kirsten's projects

i am not a good sewer. nor do i own a sewing machine.
but i have had this eggplant chunky knit scarf for a few years now that i absolutely love.
unfortunately, it's a little big and bulky and i haven't ever quite found a way to wear it that i actually am comfortable with.
so last night, i took my little sewing kit over to kirsten's, and created an infinity scarf.
all i did was lay the scarf flat, turn it over once so there was one twist in it, and then sewed the two edges together with matching thread.
and i think it turned out so cute!



what do you think of it?
do you guys like the infinity scarf trend?

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