February 5, 2011

love more

i'd like to say that i have an eye for fashion and cooking.
but i definitely wouldn't say that i am any good at design.
i don't know, but i always just feel like an amateur.
we don't buy fancy, modern furniture because... we are college students.
because the furniture we have is what came with our apartment,
probably full of lint and germs.
most of our things are cheap.
(someday i will be able to decorate with fancy things to my heart's content! but we still have a lot more schooling till that's going to happen...)

but, in honor of valentine's day i decorated our coffee table with some fun things to add festiveness to our little abode.
i absolutely adore the "love more" bunting that my mother made for us. the rustic book pages are so cute and i love the vintage look about it.
then, when i got home from florida christian had these beautiful tulips waiting for me (my favorite)!
he is the sweetest, most adorable husband in all the land.
i love the framed v-day themed pictures, so festive!

 christian. pingree. i love you. b-e-a-uuuutiful!

 i love the detail on this. 

so there you have it. my most recent "decor" situated in our apartment.
in a couple weeks i thought i would highlight some other features in our apartment.
what do you think?

hope you're all having a fantastic weekend! xoxoxo


Emma said...

Very nice! I love those candle holders!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Emma...those candle holders are amazing! I don't have "grown up" furniture either. We plan on it when we buy a new house, but till then... :-)