February 8, 2011

odds and ends

this may or may not be a bad week.
yesterday was outrageously busy,
i was busy all day that i didn't make it to the gym until 11:30 pm!
whaaaatttt is going on?!

but even though this is not my favorite week (at all),
there are some things getting me through it.

1. handmade earrings, hair pins, and rings.
this is what me, my mother, and my sisters made during the superbowl!
they were so easy.
what do you think?

2. homemade red velvet cupakes on my new cake stand.
for a longgg time i've wanted a cake plate with a lid.
i finally have one! my mom found this vintage cake plate with a lid at thrift antique store, and got it for me as an early birthday gift. i am so happy about it. it looks adorable with little pink and white frosted cupcakes on it. :)

3. Tea Time. this weekend my and my girl friends are going to the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake to celebrate my birthday that's in a couple weeks. We are going to tea time there and i am so excited! can you think of anything more fun to do for your birthday?!

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