March 4, 2011

apartment snippets: part two

since we're not allowed to paint our walls... i've been trying to do whatever i can to fill some space on our walls and make it look like someone actually lives here.
a couple weeks ago i went to the DI and found some random frames that i could transform. 
i spray painted all the frames besides the gold one, because i wanted one to stand out. this little display is located in our bedroom and i like the aqua frames because they add a little pop to our color scheme. 
the display is far from finished... i want to buy some vintage silhouettes and frame them from A Vintage Poster.

 when my mom came out in August to help us settle in, she brought out this adorable fabric to go with our living room. we went to Ikea and bought some cheap wooden frames made specifically for canvas coverings. we simply stapled the fabric to the back of the frames (like reupholstering) and that was it. they sit right above our couch and i love the fun pop they bring.

happy friday! tonight we're having some friends over for dinner and tomorrow is the BYU basketball game (cross your fingers for our dwindling team)!
do you have any fun plans?


Courtney B said...

Ooo I love your ideas! I hate our white walls and have been needing some inspiration to get things going! So thank you :)
Love your blog!
P.S. I haven't been keeping up with the whole Jimmer thing but..isn't he really good? And doesn't that make the team really good? Haha I sound like an idiot!

Amber said...

I love the picture frame collage idea. So cute!