March 7, 2011

we just can't get enough

my wonderful friends, how was your weekend?
i hope it was filled with extreme excitement and uncanny joy.
our weekend was busy, among other things.

i know i talk about how much i love the university i attend and you are probably annoyed...
but we really just love BYU a whole lot.
this weekend we went to BYU basketballs' Senior Game, where they honored the three seniors on the team. it was their last home game.
i literally cried through the whole presentation before the game. i'm telling you: we're fully invested.
i've always enjoyed sports and watching them occasionally, but it wasn't until i met Chin that my love for sports and especially basketball blossomed.

i feel honored to go to a school that has a top-ten basketball program.
that has Jimmer Fredette, Player of the Year potential, leading their team.
that honors their integrity more than winning.
that has 36,000 students who act as a community.
i just feel really lucky.

after the game we got to see the team be presented with their Mountain West Conference Trophy (MWC champs 2011!) and cut down the net (they even let Brandon Davies cut down a string). all 3 seniors spoke to the crowd and it was actually a really memorable moment.

to see more about the game and see the coolest pictures EVER: click here
to read more about Brandon Davies: click here

random thoughts:
i have the best brownie recipe of all time to share with you this week.

also, last snippets of our apartment coming tomorrow!

whoever designed our apartment complex with the master bedrooms sharing a wall was a complete moron.

i really want to do a series on aprons. i know it sounds weird but i love aprons.
i thought it would be fun to showcase 4-5 aprons and outfits to go with them. what do you think?

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