March 29, 2011

being happy with right now

 yesterday in Christian's Application to Medical School Class, Sharon Samuelson, the wife of Cecil O. Samuelson (the president of BYU), and her sister-in-law came to talk to the students. I didn't have an opportunity to go, but I was so interested to hear about what they had to say. 
She spoke primarily to the spouses of medical school students and that perked my interest. 
Sharon spoke about being happy no matter where we are in our lives.
that hit me hard as Christian continued to tell me about what she said. have i been happy where i am? I feel like in my head i am constantly saying, "well, when i do this, and when this ends, and when we move here, then things will be good."
i haven't been good about being happy where i am.
where's my joy in the journey?
i don't want to be unhappy where i am.
i love where i am right now.
Christian and i are in such a fun stage of life.
yes, life is busy, but we have fun and we're enjoying all that's going on.
 i love our cozy apartment, and i love being here at byu. i'm excited for the future, but not dependent on my future happiness.
i'm happy now, and i want to stay happy.
being happy is a choice.

p.s. To my most loyal and relentless CyberBully: I'm fairly certain it's no question reading this that you are aware that it's you I'm addressing. I like to think that I am open to the opinions of others and take constructive criticism well. You, however, have crossed a line. You made harsh judgments about personal matters in my life, without adequate evidence and knowledge. You have felt the need to criticize me and harass me on my personal blog, a blog that I try to keep positive. I think my readers are great, even when constructive criticism is given, but you have crossed over the fine line to bullying. You lack the character to state your opinions in a poised and polite manner, and you hide behind anonymity to push the limit even further. Frankly, I do not have the time nor patience to deal with your endless bullying over blogger or formspring. I have taken away the ability for anonymous comments to be made on my blog, so if you must continue to harass me, you will not have anonymity to hide behind. Also, if you choose to continue to harass me, you will be reported, because what you have said is inappropriate, offensive, hurtful, and uncalled for, and there is no room for bullies on my blog. 

Hope the rest of you have a great day. Sorry for that message, but it had to be said. The rest of you are so great, thanks for all your support! :)


Chantel said...

good for you Hayley! :)

P.S- Love your blog!

Emma said...

Yikes! Cyber bullies are no fun!

I think that is a really hard thing to remember sometimes to be happy where you are in your life. Just know you aren't the only one that may sometimes struggle with that. :)

Amber said...

That was the marital advice of a woman in my ward going up. Noel and I have been in school for our whole married life, and sometimes it's hard to not be excited for school to be over. But like you said, it's our life, and we're happy right in the midst of it.