March 28, 2011

i just can't believe it...

about a year ago i started blogging on here.
can you believe it?
i started blogging right before we got engaged, but i didn't tell a single soul.
i'm not sure why.
once we got engaged, i started telling people about our "wedding blog" (that i had already created before we even got engaged).
sometimes i don't understand myself.
one year, 50 followers, and over 60,000 views later...
our blog has come so far!
and you guys are so amazing.
i can't believe that you actually read about our silly little life and listen to me jabber on day after day.
i owe you big time. 
so how about a giveaway? i've been wanting to do one for a really long time, so i think sometime towards the end of next week i'm going to do a Blogiversay giveaway!
how does that sound?
anyone interested?
in order to enter the giveaway, you'll have to be a follower on our blog... just a heads up. 
but i am so excited!

you all are so amazing, thanks so much for reading! 
here's to another year after year after year of blogging our little hearts out.

p.s. can you believe it's actually been a year? around this time last year, Christian and I were ring shopping and starting to plan our wedding shindig. we were so madly in love and it just keeps on growing. 

us  about a year ago on top of the Y


Anonymous said...

Amazing view in the picture!!

Lynne said...

one year ago I was building a deck/dance floor!!