March 14, 2011

BLEND fashions

this past weekend i had the opportunity to be a window model for 
BLEND Fashions in University Mall in Provo.

i've done some very amateur modeling (if you can even call it that. i helped someone create a portfolio. and when i say amateur i mean like as far as you can get from professional) before, but never anything live. here's what my day consisted of:

a 5 1/2 hour shift that consisted of seven or so outfit changes.
i got to try on some very expensive clothes (and even more expensive jeans that i could actually fit onto my recently slightly thinner hips! by far the best part of the day).
i stood in the window of the store for a half hour at a time between five minute outfit changes. i wasn't allowed to move, talk, or make eye-contact with anyone for the entire half hour. i had to hold the pose and stand as still as possible. i was allowed to switch poses every 5-10 minutes...
people stopped to look at the "live mannequins" and either, point, take pictures, or very maturely bang on the windows and yell at me and try and make me laugh. that was fun...

i can't decide if the experience was good or bad.
obviously i LOVED the clothes and the store itself. 
and i got $75 in store credit which didn't hurt either.
but the humiliation factor and aching feet (almost 6 hours in 4 inch stilettos was not pleasant),
may not have been worth it.
i can't decide.
but you should go to BLEND fashions
and if they ever call me to go back again, i'll let you know and you should come visit me!

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