March 11, 2011

my first-ever hair tutorial!

as requested, today i am so pleased to share with you my favorite hair products. along with product, i am also going to show you a tutorial on how to get smooth, silky, no-fail curls (to the person who asked me to do a tutorial on this, i am so sorry that it's taken me months to do it. forgive me!).

these three products below have saved my hair. since i highlight my hair, i absolutely love BedHead's Dumb Blonde Shampoo, it keeps my blonde bright, and my hair healthy. and it smells like tropical paradise so that doesn't hurt. I also use Back To Basics Coconut Mango Conditioner for coarse hair (highly recommend it for curly-haired ladiesss!)

before I style my hair, while it's still damp, I apply BedHead's After Party to smooth my ends and help protect my hair from the damaging effects of thermal styling. 
Once my hair has been styled, i use Paul Mitchell's Super Clean Light Finishing Spray to seal the deal. this finishing spray is lightweight and leaves no crunchy-messy-hairspray on your hair, but holds your hair for a flawless finish. it's like a garnish, except better.

Long-lasting, Loose Curls Tutorial
(that was the best name I could come up with...)
so this is me. after i attempt to blowdry my hair "straight." i look like a lion. i'm proud of this frizz!
1. Blowdry your hair as straight as you can, then part your hair where you normally part it (or wherever your heart desires).

2. take one side of your head (half your hair) and clip it away for later. Split the other half of your hair in half again, creating a bottom and top layer. Leaving the bottom layer of your hair down and ready for styling, clip up the top layer! 

3. Grab a portion of your hair (about one inch thick of hair) and separate it from the rest of your hair. 

4. take your HOT HOT HOT flat iron, i swear by my CHI Ceramic Iron (1 inch thick iron) and starting at the scalp, start to straighten your hair. As you go down the portion of your hair that you're straightening, slowly twist the iron so hair is curled around the entire flat iron (on the outside!) Continue twisting all the way down until you reach the bottom of your strand of hair. Continue to do this with the rest of your hair until the entire layer is curled. Release the top layer and repeat.

5. one half done, one more to go! let finished half rest and release other half from it's clip. divide the hair into a top and bottom layer like you did with your other half of hair, and start again with your bottom layer. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until hair is all curled. 

6. spray your favorite finishing spray all over your hair, tousle your hair, run your fingers through the curls, shake your head a little bit, and voila! 

have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Thanks ! Your hair looks great <3

Ladybird Ln said...

Beautiful hair, man makes me wish I had long blond hair! My hair has no curl whatsover, I like the tips on products to use I will have to try the Paul Mitchell Finishing Spray!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Come enter my giveaway too if you would like!


PS you are not like the Grass Valley Pingrees are you?

Susan said...

I saw your link at Tatertots and Jello. Thanks for sharing, I've never tried curling my hair with my straightener!

Jaime said...

I kind of felt like a moron following a how-to-do-your-hair link (tt&j), BUT I've been trying to get that look for a while now and end up with crunchy hair every time! :) thanks for the tips!

Brooke Knecht said...

That looks beautiful!