March 21, 2011

exciting things

we had so many things to celebrate this weekend!
not really anything for us... but lots of stuff happened with our families and friends that we got to celebrate.
1. my darling sister, Claire (pictured on the right), got her mission call! she is heading to the Alpine mission (Switzerland, part of Germany, part of Austria, and Liechtenstein) on August 3 2011! we couldn't be more proud of our soon-to-be german speaking missionary.
2. we celebrated about a million and a half birthdays... my dad's birthday, Claire's birthday (on the same day she got her mission call, so exciting!), Laura's birthday (pictured below on the left), and our friend Robli's birthday. so many birthdays in so little time! we love birthday parties.

3. on saturday i got to help my sister Maren and her husband Jordan (the farthest couple on the right) move into their new house in Spanish Fork! they have been married for five years and have lived in the same apartment the whole five years... they deserve a house! they are so excited and i am so happy for them. i loved helping them move in their stuff and organize their kitchen!

so many great things happened to our friends and family this past weekend, and we feel lucky to have been able to celebrate with them. 
did anything exciting happen to you this weekend?

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Mandy said...

You are sweet to help them move in- I hate moving! And congrats about the mission call! My friend served in that mission. He said it is one of the most beautiful places in existence.