March 10, 2011

make-up essentials

i got asked a question on formspring asking about what hair/makeup products that I use. I'm so excited to talk to you about this today! I absolutely love make up. I think it can do so many cool things. I also firmly believe that make up is there to enhance your features, not to hide them. so when it comes to my daily make up routine, i'm a minimalist. i've gone through a lot of make up faces in my life (that oompa loompa look in 8th grade just didn't suit me), and i know that my "look" will just keep evolving. but for right now, this is what i stick to. 
i am a huge MAC fan. their products are great and i love the way they make my skin feel. every morning, before i apply one ounce of make-up, i always start with my favorite MAC primer. it's like velcro for your makeup, not only does it even out your skin tone, but it helps your makeup to stay on all day long.

unlike most people (i am sure i do it quite wrong), i put concealer on before foundation. i know it's supposed to be the other way around, but i've always done it like this. i'm a creature of habit. i love this concealer, it's cheap, but it matches my skin perfectly and is long lasting. plus i'm a sucker for mineral makeup, i always feel healthier!

once i've blended my mascara, i apply my most favorite foundation of all time. MAC's powder + foundation is the best thing to ever touch my face. a little bit goes a long way, and it really doesn't come off. it's in it for the long haul. i use my favorite Sephora kabuki brush to apply this foundation.

after my foundation, i use a small bit of bronzer to add some color to my face and add a glowing look. i've been using Physician's Formula bronzer since 9th grade (did i mention i'm a creature of habit?). it's cheap and it adds just the right amount of glow to my face.

after bronzer, i use cheek stain (i couldn't find a picture of it on the web so i picked the closest thing to it. this picture below is also Mirabella, so i highly recommend it) by Mirabella
once i've applied everything to my face, i start on my eyes. i usually put a thin line of eyeliner on my eyelid, to create definition to my eyes. i love Bedhead's makeup line. Their Big Fat Fun eyeliner in dark brown has been my go to pencil liner since i was 14.
i absolutely love Bedhead's Cyberoptics eye shadow. I use their Champagne color to add some sparkle to my eyes and brighten my face.
my eyelashes are always such a predicament. i have nice and long eyelashes, but they have no volume whatsoever. Too Faced's Injection mascara does wonders for my eyelashes. it's my favorite mascara i've ever owned.
my last step for my eyes is to use my MAC liner pot on my lower lids. The pot is almost a gel-like liner that i brush on with a thin liner brush. Once the liner has dried (in about two seconds), it doesn't smudge and stays smooth all day long. i hate liquid liner because it always makes my eyes water and i usually have tears running down my cheeks before i can finish. but this liner feels like it's a pencil, it doesn't feel liquidy at all. it's like heaven in a little glass pot.
(this color, Dipdown, is the color I use)

when i'm feeling fancy, i like to put some of this bad-boy red lipstick on. it's so fun and great for plain outfits or that night out in a little black dress. i love MAC's lip line. Their lipstick goes on smooth and lasts and lasts and lasts. plus it doesn't feel flaky or make my lips dry.

That is how i go from flab to FAB!

i can't wait to share my everyday hair products with you tomorrow. 


Anonymous said...

You're seriously the most adorable girl ever! Also I wasn't aware that there was a mineral stick... I'm going to have to try it:)

Anonymous said...

you have to try the smashbox photo finish primer when your mac one runs out. it is AMAZING.

Lynne said...

Did i ever tell you how histerical you are. But also adorable! Who is your mother!? One addition to your beauty routine should be a sunscreen. Esp living in the desert. I just went to the dermatologist and got a bunch of info on it.

Tara said...

i LOVE that concealer also. it's so great and cheap! i wish i could use MAC, but it makes my skin awful. oh well!