April 11, 2011

babysitting for two

photos courtesy of Kati Ellis

this weekend was... eventful.
along with a temple date, dinner with friends, karaoke at guru's (you don't want to know), and a practice MCAT, we have been taking care of these little buggers all weekend.
my sister Maren and her husband Jordan just moved into their first home, and then proceeded to go on vacation.
so we have the honor of watching their little furry babies, and abiding in their comfortable home (it made me so antsy to have a home! someday...)

Buzz (the Jack Russell Terrier) & Stitch (the Chihuahua Mix)
they are so stinkin cute.
funny stories to brighten your day: they sleep in bed with Maren and Jordan. Christian and I did not want to do that. w both like to snuggle before bed, but can't be touching while we're sleeping. we're big personal space people when it comes to beauty rest. adding dogs into the equation would certainly make us quite uncomfortable, right? so on friday night as we settled into bed, we put the dogs into their own separate beds on the floor, right next to us. before we could hop back into our bed, they were up lying on our pillows. Okay, now repeat the scenario about 5 times. 
eventually, we gave up, and our exhaustion from the week and inability to be disciplinary dog-sitters overtook us and they ended up in bed (we're not happy about it).
little did we know, both Buzz and Stitch like to burrow under the covers and sleep at our feet. i was so scared we were going to kick them, or what if they suffocated?! i was a mess. i keep waking up in the middle of the night and fanning out the covers so they don't die.
i mean really i want to be able to keep my sister's dogs alive for one week if i even want to have a chance at being able to raise children.
these little dogs have us wrapped around their paws. 
i can't stop giving them treats, and Chin can't stop petting them.
they're hard to say "no" to. :)

meet Stitch: easily the mama's boy of the two, he is such a little baby. his favorite pastimes include: looking like a bush baby/hyena, snuggling (seriously all the time), and standing on his hind legs. he is a little wimp who loves to cuddle, and i'm his favorite. 

meet Buzz: the self-nominated Alpha Male, he is a bossy little fella. daily activities include: looking at you inquisitively, playing with his rope toy, begging for food, and jumping abnormally high.

okay are they just not the cutest? i mean really people.
hope you're having a great monday!

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Emma said...

Hahaha I thoroughly enjoyed this post! I remember when I got my first dog and he burrowed under the covers like that. I was terrified. I stayed up all night to check on him and in the end I crawled down next to him and lifted up the covers so we could breathe, but of course then I was worried I was going to roll over him. What a long night.
I also love that you compared stitch to a bush baby! Hilarious!