April 12, 2011

the dirty south

recently i have this obsession with country music.
really, it's all i listen to...
what the heck is wrong with me?
my girlfriends all like country music, and i've always been on the fence about it.
but now... it's all i listen to and when you turn on our car most like country music will come blasting out.

it's made me really want to live in the south someday.
i've always thought it would be fun to live in the south and maybe adopt a real sexy southern accent (ha!) and be like Sandra Bullock in the Blindside.
i love the small town atmosphere of the south, and who cannot resist some southern hospitality.
we keep talking about where we want to go to med school and where we want to live someday, and maybe someday we'll end up in the south!
who knows... for now i leave you with this:

1 comment:

Amber said...

Kentucky is in the south (according to some). :) You should come here for med school. Wait...you should just come here right now. :)