April 7, 2011

so close

i have a bunch of random thoughts running around in my head, so now i'm spewing them out to you.

there are only 5 more days of classes left in winter semester. i can't believe i got through this semester with accounting and no spring break. hallelujah.

chin got a job for spring semester! we are pleased. now if only byu would pleasseee let me be a campus tour guide. or something. anything.

i want this dress:
unfortunately, it's almost $300. and that's just not gonna fly. if anyone knows a dress similar to this that's not outrageously expensive, let me know...

people watching at the gym > working out at the gym.
just kidding... but seriously.

this afternoon i'm meeting my advisement counselor (again...) to fill out a petition form to change my graduation plan so i can not live states away from my husband for a semester. wish me luck!

i made a tumblr account. i don't understand how to use tumblr at all. and i don't like it as much. i love blogging because i get to type and type and type my little heart out and tell you all embarrassing stories and rant on about dumb things. tumblr is just a bunch of pictures. i don't get it. but i guess it's my "creative outlet." the link is on our sidebar, but i'm not sure how much i'll be posting over there because i'm comfortable over here.

hope you're having a great thursday, it's almost the weekend. :)


Shelby Clark said...

Hayley! I need to text you about plans for the weekend! Also, I am so, so, so ready for the semester to be done as well! Mostly because I leave for my honeymoon in TWO DAYS!

Hayley said...

OH is that dress JCrew? I love it so much!!! Good luck with talking to your advisor!

Kylie said...

You need to check out this blog and the clothes companies she uses: What a Nerd Would Wear. I think you'd really like the vintage sort of Anthropologie type clothes she has.

Tara said...

hayley! some random thoughts from me to you:
-tumblr is awesome! i just followed you. i suggest you following fashion chalet, what i wore, and anyone here: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/fashion

-look into working at the bindery/university press building. i worked there for spring term and then for 2 years after. it's on campus, flexible hours (with decent pay), an easy and fun job, lots of fun people, and you can wear whatever you want. email me and i'll tell you who to contact, etc.

-i am excited to see you next month!