April 6, 2011

wearing the pants

since i get store credit every time i work at BLEND, i've accumulated a good sum of money.
i have been hesitant to buy anything from there, because i'm not an impulse shopper (for the most part). 
i usually research an item i want for weeks or months before i actually end up purchasing it (if i purchase it at all), and i have to be completely sure that i want it.
BLEND has so many cute clothes, but not only are they a little bit more high fashion than i am used to wearing, but their clothes are also a little pricy.
i usually walk in the store and ogle all of the glamourous things they have, gazing longingly at the clothes that i'm pretty sure i can't pull off.
but on saturday, i finally decided to just go ahead an make an impulse buy.
sort of.
the first time i worked at BLEND i saw a pair of harem pants and these incredible heels that i died over.
i never ever thought i would ever buy a pair of harem pants because they can be very unflattering and i'm not sure how long the trend will stick around.
but since it's rare that i go shopping anymore and i reallllyyy wanted these pants, i decided,
why not?
i hadn't spent any of the store credit there yet, and i figured, i might as well.

can i just say: best purchase i've ever made. not only are these harem pants so incredibly comfortable, but i feel like a million bucks in them. they can be worn with practically anything... flats, heels, blouses, t-shirts, a blazer... you name it.
but i need an honest opinion, can i pull these off?
i mean really, do i just look ridiculous, or are these pants as cool as i think they are?

i liked how the outfit pulled together. my GAP chambray button down was the best $2 (BARGAIN!) dollars i ever spent, i wear it practically every day (it's easily my favorite shirt). i thought the tie belt tied in perfectly with my new heels, and the pants add a sophisticated feel to an otherwise daytime ensemble. i felt classy, trendy, dolled up, and casual all at once.
now isn't that something.

BCBGeneration harem pants, GAP chambray blouse, Fossil watch, handmade belt (by my mother), Chinese Laundry heels

props to Chin for his photo-taking skills


Elaine said...

I love the gray harem pants. I have wanted to buy a pair for a while now, but I don't think I wear heels enough for it to be a smart purchase! I'm the same way about buying new clothes... I daydream about this and that, I'll go to Lord & Taylor and browse for over an hour... and I'll leave with nothing most of the time because I just can't bring myself to spending the money!

I give that outfit a thumbs up though! Love how you styled it =)

Kristie said...

I usually don't like harem pants because they make me already wide hips look humongous.. but these look great on you! I love the shirt too. Yay for cheap finds :)

Kevin & Ashley said...

Cute outfit! I totally applied to work at Blend haha and the girl said they weren't hiring but they may be in the future so she said to bring in an application! So random! Love that place! Cute blog by the way! Have a good day!