May 26, 2011


this weekend we're going camping.
i'm actually very excited.
i grew up camping... we've been camping pretty much all over the united states since i was little.
my parents even camped in Hawaii and the Caribbean once.
i love it.
i love the smell of campfires and i love the way the crickets sound in the summer and i love s'mores and i love being outdoors and hiking.
and you guys all thought i was a girly girl.
camping to me reminds me of my family, and the hundreds of road trips we took when i was younger and the dozens of times i would wake up in the morning and eat cereal on the picnic table outside of our tent.

it's been a long time since i've roughed it in the wild.
but i can't wait.
last night we went grocery shopping with our friends who are coming with us, Devin and Robli,
and it was so fun to plan our meals and prepare for Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler.

if only our camping experience was like this...

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