May 25, 2011

my bow tie

it just happens to be my new favorite thing.
my mom made it for me, and sent chin a matching neck tie along with my bow tie.
we matched on sunday...
and we loved it.
just call us married or something.

so who says girls can't wear bow ties?
i mean really, let's not be sexist.

also, excuse my poor quality photobooth picture... my camera is being sent to me and will be back in my longing hands very soon!

handmade bowtie, navy J.Crew blouse, GAP sweater, J.Crew belt, Liz Claiborne pencil skirt


Janelle said...

I adore a good bow tie. I wish more men wore them. Very cute! :)

Noel Dickens said...

I thought the tie was a jest about you trying to dress Chin :)

Brooke Knecht said...

You are darling! You can pull anything off!