May 4, 2011

our summer lineup

last night chin and i planned our very first summer vacation together!
you see, even though "summer" has technically started for both of us, we're not off the hook yet.
christian takes the MCAT two weeks from friday, and with his job as a T.A. and studying his bum off for this huge test, he is crazy busy. i'm going to school full-time for Spring semester (i get done the middle of June), and we are both looking at the light at the end of the tunnel when i will be done with school until the fall and chin will have all his primary applications for med school in.
in other words, we're ready for summer to officially begin.
we have a lot of fun things happening this summer!
like i was saying, last night we planned our first summer vacation together.
after spring semester, our great friends jen and brandon are heading to dental school at UCLA, and so we booked our tickets last night to spend some time with them at the end of june down in LA. i've only been to California once... and i've never been to LA. I'm so excited!

it was fun to book a vacation on our own. usually my dad or chin's mom plans all of our traveling (i swear my dad was meant to be a travel agent instead of an attorney), and it was fun to do this all on our own.
since we've been married, as part of our savings, we've saved and saved and saved to plan a little vacation this summer. and we can't wait! even though it will only be for a couple of days, we're excited to explore LA with our friends.
after LA we head to Seattle to embark on an Alaskan Cruise with Chin's whole family. I'm excited to meet some of his cousins and aunts and uncles that i haven't met yet.
we then head to North Carolina with my family on a beach-filled family vacation, and spend two weeks back at my home in New York.
we're going to have a busy, fun-filled summer, and we can't wait.
what plans do you have for summer? going anywhere fun?

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Teenage Bride said...

summer already! How fun!! Our Summer is going to be super busy getting ready for baby :)