May 2, 2011

weekend scenes

my mom was in town this weekend! i always love it when anyone comes to visit (especially her though).
we did lots of fun stuff.
we ran errands and had friends over for dinner,
went to our favorite mexican place la casita for dinner,
ate lots of treats: yogurtland, spoon it up, sweet tooth fairy... and then homemade assortments.
i feel like i turned into sugar and am melting.

love you mom!

i also re-perfected my cookie recipe. if you saw my dilemma from a few posts ago, you know how distraught i have been. i'm pleased to inform you that thanks to an old family friend and the addition of two tablespoons of lemon juice, these cookies were the seriously, i think i ate about ummm... 8. not kidding.

did you all have a nice weekend? 
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Courtney B said...

Lemon juice?! Seriously?! I've never heard of that. No wonder my cookies are NOT worthy :)
I rarely bake cookies because I eat waaayy more than 8 :)
And you are gorgeous!

Teenage Bride said...

awwww so happy you had a great time with your mom. Mom's are the best.