May 13, 2011

six things

so i guess i'm a little frustrated that blogger deleted my last post...
so if you missed it, all in all it said that:
chin and i have been married for 9 months, and we still are madly in love.
you know, nothing new on here.
we're all kinds of sappy.

and i had a post for yesterday, and blogger deleted that!
so here goes round two:
six things making me extra happy from yesterday (ha!) and today:
1. I love thursday nights. I go to school all day (literally) on Thursday, and come 6:00, my weekend starts! no class, no school, no work on Friday, and it's great.

2. I just slept in until 10:00... when does that ever happen?

3. on wednesday i decided it was finally time to make french macarons. i did, using this recipe, and they turned out great! i was surprised because i've heard how tough they are, and yes they were fickle, but i can't believe i actually did it!
(this is actually a terrible picture... i left my camera in park city!)
4. last night Chin and I went to Mountain West Burrito. it has the best burritos ever. if you live in provo/orem/utah county, do yourself a favor and get your cute booty over there!
5. I decided that I'm going to redo our spare bedroom and make it a little bit more organized. anyone know where i can find a really cheap bookcase to restore?
6. the weather is actually perfect. i mean really great. sunny and warm with a perfect breeze. i think chin and i are going to hike the Y tonight! 

happy weekend my dearest friends! hope it's great!


Shelby Clark said...

Hayley! Does BYU have an online bulletin board? When Thane and I were trying decorate our home (okay, mostly me) I would check the online bulletin board for cheap, cheap things to refurbish. I got our coffee table for ten bucks! I would also recommend Craigslist or DI. I have found some amazing deals at both of those places as well. Happy redecorating!

Kate Magleby said...

Kind of awesome that you posted about macaroons! I have to make some for a bridal shower tomorrow and was just going to look up a recipe online. I'm definitely using this one! Thanks!!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I am trying to get brave and make french macaroons sometime myself! yours look great! :)